“If I could bottle this up — I'd make a million — If I could tell everybody in town on what I’ve been feelin' — it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face — a song in your heart after one little taste …”    – The Legendary George Jones

While she might not recall the exact day she blended her first batch of cocktail sauce, she does remember the moment that she heard George Jones famously crooning “if I could bottle this up…”  

It must have been kismet – Valine’s family gathered in the kitchen, she was grating fresh horseradish and cutting limes for her famous sauce, and the tunes of inspiration were playing just as her brother-in-law leaned in to say “Val, you need to sell this stuff.” Her cocktail sauce may be famous only among friends and family in Coastal Georgia for now … but not for long. 

Valine continues to carefully weave the storied recipes of her mother, aunts and grandmothers into her family of Valine’s Famous products. 


This sauce was born on the banks of the Savannah River in Sylvania, Georgia,a quaint, rural community about 60 miles from both Savannah and Charleston.  It’s one of those classic small towns where everyone knows each other and gatherings focus around food and family. Small festivals are a way of life here – we celebrate everything. Oxbow lakes and backwater tributaries, pecan orchards and farms result in a landscape that is hard to leave and worth popping by if you’re ever nearby. Venture just upstream and off I-95 for a true glimpse of rural Southern life.

A few of Valine’s favorite spots in and around Sylvania:

Davis Feed & Seed: Seed processors since 1952 and Valine’s family’s business.  A place to overhear great hunting conversations and home to fabulous wildlife blends, including Big Buck Wildlife Mix, Five Way Blend & Spring Wildlife Blend.

Soda Shop Gallery: a must-visit for products made by Sylvania’s artisans

The Brier Creek: a beautiful spot that feeds into the Savannah River.  Gorgeous Cypress trees, great fishing and hog hunting make this a sought after spot.  

Donna’s Bakery: the best homemade bread for miles around.  Donna started out making doughnuts for the school kids in the morning and now you won’t find me anywhere else for breakfast or lunch out.

Wade Plantation: over 22,000 acres, Wade Plantation has one of the South’s largest pecan orchards and people from all over the country order their pecans.  Their plantation store is a must visit to stock up on fresh shelled pecans.



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